DB::MetaStock access module


The MetaStock access module is able to retrieve quotes from almost any type of MetaStock/Computrac database.


This module calls the binary program identified by the $HOME/.gt/options file option "DB::metastock::program" ("/bourse/tools/MetaStockReader" by default) to get quotes from your metastock database.

$HOME/.gt/options file option "DB::metastock::directory" must indicate the directory of the metastock database. (no default).

Please refer to /bourse/tools/MetaStockReader source if you want to learn more about it.

NOTE: this module and the companion binary program has been depreciated in favor of the stand-alone perl module (unfortunately) also named MetaStockReader. refer to that modules pod


You can indicate the directory which contains the MetaStock database by setting the DB::metastock::directory configuration item. You can also set DB::metastock::program to indicate where the MetaStockReader binary program is located (complete pathname).


Create a new DB object used to retry quotes from a MetaStock database.


Disconnects from the database.


Indicate the directory containing all the text files.

$db->get_prices($code, $timeframe)

Returns a GT::Prices object containing all known prices for the symbol $code.

$db->get_last_prices($code, $limit, $timeframe)

NOT SUPPORTED for text db.

Returns a GT::Prices object containing the $limit last known prices for the symbol $code.