GT::Eval - Create unknown standard objects at run-time


This modules provides several functions to manipulate objects based on their type name.

$object = create_standard_object($object_type, ...)

This will create an object of type $object_type. The following parameters will be passed to the object at creation time.


Return a GT::DB object created based on GT::Conf data. Thus GT::Conf::load() should be called before this function. If DB::module doesn't exist in the config, it tries to load the user configuration (supposing it has never been done before).

get_standard_name($object, $shorten, $number)

Return the standard name of an object that can be later used to create it again.

get_long_name ($code)

Returns the long name of the market (if defined).

See also ~/.gt/sharenames which contains lines of the form <code>\t<long name> mapping a market code to its long name.