Restricts the analysis to a specific set. A set is simply an identifier that you put on data when you add it to the "backtests" directory (refer to your options file for the location of this directory) when using Using the --set option you can differentiate between the different backtest results in your directory.

--template=<template file>

Output is generated using the indicated HTML::Mason component. For Example, --template="analyze_backtest.mpl" The template directory is defined as Template::directory in the options file. Each template can be predefined by including it into the options file For example, Template::analyze_backtest analyze_backtest.mpl


A configuration option (typically given in the options file) in the form of a key=value pair. For example, --option=DB::Text::format=0 sets the format used to parse markets via the DB::Text module to 0.


This tool runs an analysis against existing backtest spool files. The location of the spool files is defined as BackTest::Directory in the options file.